Solar Pool hot water how it works 

Solar swimming pool heating is the most affordable, efficient and cost effective means of harnessing and utilizing solar energy. 

Solar pool heating panels reduce your heating bills and increase your swimming season, resulting in greater enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Solar pool heating is uncomplicated and reliable. 
A properly sized solar pool heater will raise the temperature of the water 10 to 15 degrees.

Water comes from the pool and flows through the pump and filter as usual. In most systems, the existing pool pump is sufficient.

Temperature sensors measure the temperatures of the water and where the solar collectors are mounted. Solar collectors are typically mounted on a roof or a rack built for them.

When the temperature of the collectors is higher than the water, the automatic control turns the 3 way valve and sends the water to the solar collectors to be warmed by the sun.

If the temperature of the collectors is lower than the water or if the water has already reached the maximum temperature you have selected, the automatic control bypasses the solar collectors and sends the water back to the pool.

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